" Jim stands out above others in his ability to provide genuine positive support and encouragement in conjunction with expert race analysis. "

Brianne G.

"  You definitely helped me in many ways and your best attribute is believing in your clients and helping them gain confidence in what they do. "

Benn S.

" Today was a huge breakthrough for me mentally and physically. Being in the break with two 1’s and then staying away solo was awesome! Those two interval workouts Sunday and Monday were magic."

Michael A.

"Prolly best thing I can honestly say about you is I can see your a winner at heart and think like a true competitor. . ."

Mark G.

"Winning Cry Baby Hill at Tulsa Tough was a very motivating and humbling experience. I was proud of my effort because it was only my 6th race ever and it was a major race too."

Jordan D.

"Thanks to the VeloTek Coaching’s comprehensive training plan and my own dedication, I had the stamina and the top-end to take gold that day at Hotter than Hell100."

Greg P.

" What has helped me the most is being motivated to ride my trainer with a specific workout. That has kept me on the bike and your encouragement has played a key part in my success. "

Travis T.

" Train smarter, not harder. Easy days easier, hard days harder. "

Ian S.

" It has been his tutelage that has helped me become who I am. Thanks for being there for me and the 100 other racers you have helped develop. "

Jack M.